architecture portfolio

This is a lively and dynamic space, where I will be uploading pictures and drawings of those places that capture my attention since I find them interesting or the exact opposite. Dynamic architecture, ways of reinterpeting the space, space colonized by people, people interacting with the enviorment,... A set of experiences that one way or another, make me think and want to share.

San Francisco Barri del Born, Barcelona (Spain) - 2016
Bringing the forest into the city
San Francisco San Francisco (USA) - 2015
Limit slope
chicago Chicago Loop (USA) - 2015
Lift truck
art institute Art Institute, Chicago (USA) - 2015
ny China Town, New York (USA) - 2014
Chasing the shadow
ny New York Subway (USA) - 2014
Undergraund life
viccenza Venice (Italy) - 2014
Rethinking monasteries
horts urbans Barri de Vallcarca, Barcelona (Spain) - 2014
Self management urban orchads
vegetation Paris (France) - 2014
Green colonization
paris Paris (France) - 2014
Space appropiation