collective housing


architecture portfolio

Collective Housing

location: Rubi, Barcelona
year: 2012
individual project

The path to a sustainable society means not wasting resources by constructing buildings that can not be adapted at any time, to each users needs. The reality we live in is changing, just as they are people's needs.

Nowadays, increasingly, there is a trend relationship between workplace and residential space. Small businesses, small workshops or personal offices are linked to housing, creating spaces with different needs. Thus, this proposal presents a block of collective housing / studio that can accommodate different groups of people and is flexible regarding the use and distribution of spaces, eliminating hierarchies in distribution and allowing a distribution to each users needs.

The access to the dwellings / studio is given through a walkway, promoting social interaction and relations between neighbors. In addition, a space between the walkway and the dwellings acts as a transition zone terrace and increases the degree of privacy in the interior space. In the east, the building opens onto a green zone, allowing cross ventilation and views in each dwelling / studio. In addition, practicable openings and panels allows to regulate the degree of ventilation and incident radiation, enhancing a bioclimatic strategy managed by the user.

collectivehousing img.1. site plan
collectivehousing img.3. floor plans
collectivehousing img.4. diagrams
collectivehousing img.5. floor plan
collectivehousing img.6. cross section
collectivehousing img.7. elevations
collectivehousing img.8. final image