Mountain Film Institute


architecture portfolio

  Mountain Film Institute

location: Sognefjelvegen, Norway
year: 2015
individual project

The Mountain Film Institute is a space designed for film, photography and mountain lovers. It is a space located in the Norwegian mountains Hurrungane, a quiet and natural environment with exceptional views, which has become a big claim for photographers and filmmakers in the past recent years. That is why in addition to being a mountain retreat, the building offers visitors the possibility of long term stays, as well as workshops and working areas, video editing, display projects, etc.

The building has been designed under the principles of bioclimatic architecture; It involves the design of buildings taking into account climatic conditions, using natural resources (sun, rain, wind) to reduce environmental impacts and reduce energy consumption. This implies that through passive bioclimatic strategies, solar gain, high thermal insulation and solar panels become self-sufficient.

The design and shape of the building is due to the optimization of solar gains and bioclimatic strategy and the optimization of interior space and privacy gradient. The distribution follows the same logic on each floor; the central area is used to the common areas and the exterior ring is used to the sectorization of small spaces.

film institute img.1. concept
film institute img.2. site
film institute img.3. longitudinal section
film institute img.4. cross section
film institute img.5. ground floor
film institute img.6. comfort systems + energy
film institute img.7. foundations and structure
film institute img.8. materials
film institute img.9. constructive details