rec comtal


architecture portfolio

Rec Comtal

location: Montcada, Barcelona
year: 2014
team members: Ana Badia, Elisabet Ferre, Santi Julia, Meri Mensa, Bernat Pedro

The landscape is dynamic, just as the territory. Over time, hydraulic systems such as Rec Comtal have been swallowed by the growth of the city. However, specific situations have complicated water supply in the city of Barcelona, which have highlighted the need to give value to these supplementary water pipeline. Emphasizing the Rec Comtal, we generate small mechanisms that structure his path and incite to continue with informal dynamic operations in its spaces. Thus, the physical continuity and its use will be crucial to stimulate social and economic benefits, and this continuity leads to the ultimate goal: the neighborhoods cohesion.

Therefore, formalizing bathing places, creating new pipes for orchards and drawing connections through greenways, we are transforming the Rec into one of the structuring element of the Barcelona System Park. Thus, those spaces that have become marginal, wasted and obsolete (due to his own disuse), give us now the chance to adapt them to the people's use.

We understand it makes no sense to modify and improve the Rec if the neighbors don't change their perception. The community is the most important agent in this process, acting as a catalyst and getting involved in the territory, modifying it. Therefore, without changing the spaces generated by the trace, the use of the latent points will activate and transform the Rec Comtal. On the one hand, they will make its trace physically continuous and on the other, these uses transform the Rec into a backbone of economic, social and cultural activity.

See full project:

rec comtal img.1. The History of the Rec. Temporal landscape
rec comtal img.2. Diagrams. Flow intentions
rec comtal img.3. Disconnected continuites. New neighborhoods connections
rec comtal img.4. Layered analysis. Focus: Vallbona, farm life.
rec comtal img.5. Layered analysis. Focus: Barcelona, The urbanized territory
rec comtal img.6. Proposal: Symbiosis infrastructure: Public space of coexistence
rec comtal img.7. Proposal: Confluence of backgrounds: Refound traces