Ventura Gassol School


architecture portfolio

  Ventura Gassol School

ventura gassol
location: Badalona, Spain
year: 2016
individual project

The Ventura Gassol School is located in suburban area at the city of Badalona. The strategy consists of a series of pavillions connected to each other and south oriented, allowing natural light and crossed ventilation in all classrooms. Moreover, the spaces in-between the pavilions generate shaded patios during the warmest periods of the year, thus providing spaces open to many possibilities, including mobility for some specific classes or workshops outside the school.

The school consists of two main pavilions and four classroom-pavillions. The main ones are located on both sides of the sports field, and they are composed by the common areas: like the dining room, gym, administration area and workshop classrooms. The classroom-pavilions, however, are located on the west side of the track and they are smaller in size.

ventura gassol img.1. concept
ventura gassol img.2. site and floor plans
ventura gassol img.3. sections and climate conditions
ventura gassol img.4. supplies
ventura gassol img.5. model